Our wedding party

We are so excited about including many of our family and closest friends in our wedding!
Elizabeth's attendants
  • Jessica Temple, Maid Of Honor
    Jessica is the oldest daughter of Elizabeth. She lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado with her sweet little family Justin and Koen!
  • Remi Annalisa Temple, Flower Girl
    Remi is the beautiful little grand-daughter of Elizabeth.
  • Koen Feldt, Ring Bearer
    Koen is the adorable little grandson of Elizabeth. He simply adores his "Andy" !
  • Claudia Temple, Bridesmaid
    Claudia is married to Elizabeth's eldest son, Jamie. She currently lives in Colorado.
  • Juliana Temple, Bridesmaid
    Juliana is the daughter of Elizabeth and currently lives in Colorado.
  • Sydney Temple, Bridesmaid
    Sydney is the youngest daughter of Elizabeth and lives in Colorado.
  • Megan Renee Sampson, Other
    Megan is our Wedding Director
  • Carla Rae Allen, Other
    Carla is in charge of keeping our guests happy and filling your glass to the rim!
  • Shae McKay-Micek, Bridesmaid
    Shae is the sister to Andy. She lives in Columbus, Nebraska.
Andrew's attendants
  • Daniel Coughlin, Best Man
  • Joshua Temple, Usher
    Joshua is the son of Elizabeth and lives in Utah with his wife Lindsay. They are expecting their first child!
  • Nick Roben, Groomsman
    Nick and Andy have been friends and as close as brothers for over 20 years!
  • Chad McKay, Groomsman
    Chad is Andy's oldest brother. He live's in Octavia, Nebraska.
  • Patrick McKay, Groomsman
  • Jamie Temple, Usher
    Jamie is the eldest son of Elizabeth. He lives in Colorado with his family.
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